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Lisa's Limousine Blog

A True Airhead

I had a very strange encounter the other night. Of course, my first thought after it all ended was that it would definitely make for a great story. It was already dark out when I went to pick up my client. It’s pretty common for us to have “regulars” but this guy, he was not…


A Night (off) on the Town

Recently, I got to enjoy the feeling of being on the other side of the partition. By that, I mean that I was one of the lucky passengers in our limos! I decided to spoil myself on one of my nights off and invited a few girlfriends to indulge in an exotic limo trip downtown, rather than our usual LRT and walk combo.


Broken Down

As you can likely imagine, being a professional driver can sometimes end in being broken down on the side of the road. Now, I am a very confident lady. I like to think I have a lot of great skills – limo driving and writing being just the tip of the iceberg! – but I can’t say that I know my way around a car’s engine. So when I felt a jolt and heard a bang echo from beneath the hood, I knew I was in for it.


Days Off

Even though it doesn’t feel like it, sometimes I get day off here and there. Now these days off aren’t really time away from work, it’s about the limousine. Getting it serviced at a garage by a mechanic and taking it down to the car wash to get cleaned and detailed — you have to look good to be good.


Three’s A Crowd

It’s a sunny afternoon when I pull up to this upscale apartment building and my instructions are to buzz this number and wait inside the car for my fare. While I waited, I check my make-up in the mirror when the door opens up and I saw the cutest blonde girl pops into the car…


Heaven Sent

It was a day like any other day as the best damn limo driver in town went to work — wink, wink! I arrived to pick up my fare, rang the bell and the door opened to find the biggest, meanest, evil demon of a dog with all of its teeth bared and fur standing straight up on end.


12 Months of Sexy

As a female limo driver, I’m not usually the person you expect to see when your fancy ride comes to pick you up but I’m damn good at what i do so get in the car and let’s go! The next job was definitely something that benefiting me being a woman.



This little gem of a tale comes to me from one of my good friends… let’s call him Lucky Larry. Like always, enjoy the ride. 😉
I roll up to this one gig, a posh looking place, no surprise, but I wasn’t really prepared for what was about to happen. I ring the doorbell and lo and behold, who opens the door but the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in real life…


Prom Princess

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a beautiful princess. She was adored by of her subjects and was sought after by many a gentleman suitor. It would so happen, there was to be a special occasion, a gallant ball where one could dance, swaying to and fro and enjoy…


Car Wash Shenanigans

I was on my way to pick up a very important client – the kind of client where you never actually talk to them, only members of their team. I had left very early so that there was no chance of being late or screwing anything up. I couldn’t screw up – this was the kind of client that had the power to end me. Possibly my family. Possibly, my long-dead ancestors. I had to be on time.


The Redneck Limo

Limos everywhere aim to provide an upscale experience for high quality outings. Everyone, however does not see “upscale” the same way. Down in the south there is a whole different expectation when it comes to riding in style. In the land where cowboys and horses rule the rodeo, a different kind of limousine has come…


Some Men, You Just Can’t Reach

Sometimes being a limo driver isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes there are difficult clients who drivers wish had never gotten into the vehicle, and those drives seem to take twice as long as they should before they arrive at the destination. A driver named Chris had a client like this once.…