Your Limousine Checklist

It’s happening – you’re planning for the big day and there’s so much to do! The cake, the caterer, the decorations. Then there’s planning for transportation to and from the wedding venue for the wedding party and shuttle service for your guests. But it can’t be just any transportation service; you want the best of…

Broken Down

As you can likely imagine, being a professional driver can sometimes end in being broken down on the side of the road. Now, I am a very confident lady. I like to think I have a lot of great skills – limo driving and writing being just the tip of the iceberg! – but I can’t say that I know my way around a car’s engine. So when I felt a jolt and heard a bang echo from beneath the hood, I knew I was in for it.


This little gem of a tale comes to me from one of my good friends… let’s call him Lucky Larry. Like always, enjoy the ride. 😉
I roll up to this one gig, a posh looking place, no surprise, but I wasn’t really prepared for what was about to happen. I ring the doorbell and lo and behold, who opens the door but the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in real life…