Rolls Royce Rental

You will not find a better limousine company in Edmonton with one-of-a-kind limos like this. Click on the images on the left to see more in detail on what these beauties offer. This Rolls-Royce gives the most comfortable ride with more than a touch of style. Impress your friends today and call to make a reservation. The Rolls Royce Phantom provides a unique and prestigious design that captures all attention when driving by. With an interior to match its exterior, you are given a top class in luxury of a rich and lavish interior to further enhance your driving experience. The Privacy divider gives all our clients to essential discretion and privacy needed to fully enjoy their night out on the town.


Inside provides a full multimedia experience to enhance your custom soundtrack for the evening. The lighting inside captures the essence of a posh nightclub that allows the party to start before your event and continue once it is completed. The Phantom is a classic, that embraces its long history with pride. From the iconic large grilled front, and the rear hinged doors, Rolls Royce captures history and brings in modern day performance to give you the thrill you desire.

Enjoy these pictures of the interior and exterior of our Rolls Royce Rental Phantom Limousine. After you have viewed the pictures, please click here to book online. Or if you have any questions about the vehicle or personal requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us contact here

The Rolls Royce Phantom

Internal Review:

We really enjoy this ride. It’s immaculate interior is sure to communicate to lavishness to your guests. It’s the perfect entrance into a new world. The car is timeless, therefore it is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and other timeless special occasions in life.

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